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Apartamentos Vergopoulos Olive Yard

1. Apartamentos Vergopoulos Olive Yard

Damouchari Mouresi Piliou . Pelio

A most romantic setting, the lovely cottages of this hotel are situated in an old olive grove close to the picturesque...

Apartamentos Agios Nikolaos Villas

2. Apartamentos Agios Nikolaos Villas

Ntamouchari . Pelion - Agios Ioannis

Villa Agios Nikolas is situated just opposite from an old church, in the begging of the...

Apartamentos Charikleia Maisonettes

3. Apartamentos Charikleia Maisonettes

Ntamouchari . Pelion - Agios Ioannis

The complex is a few meters for the puplic car park, next to an old church of Agios...